5 hidden gems in Latin America that you should visit

5 hidden gems in Latin America that you should visit

No matter how many recommendations you have taken before visiting Latin America, there are many “off the radar” places that will take your breath away. There are too many destinations in the world that have not yet been fully discovered by “globetrotters”.

From hidden beaches to unique ecosystems in the region, Latin America never ceases to amaze and keep showing the huge variety of landscapes that the New World has to offer to its visitors.

Below “I Need Tours” presents this list of exotic and unknown places in Latin America.

1- Rio Celeste, Costa Rica

Río Celeste is one of the most incredible destinations throughout Central America. Recommended places for those who enjoy relaxation is exotic places; the long walks through the forests and the beautiful view of the turquoise waters of the river let any tourist love this place.

2- Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

This quiet destination feels a world apart. Dating back to the late 1600s, this is one of Uruguay’s oldest enclaves, and its heritage has been dutifully preserved: the cobblestone streets and historic buildings in the city center all comprise a protected UNESCO World Heritage site.

3- Valparaíso, Chile

This port city, a manageable two-hour drive from Santiago and known as “Valpo” to those in the know, is bohemian to boot. Colorful houses run along hilly streets, and talented street artists have converted the city into one big, ever-changing mural.

4- Sacred Valley, Peru

If you are looking for somewhere a little more off-the-beaten-track than the usual tourist haunts of Peru, then be sure to head to the Sacred Valley. A 70-mile narrow strip of land that connects the capital Cusco to the renowned Machu Picchu and is filled with beautiful colonial villages and amazing local markets.

5- San Blas Islands, Panama

This place looks like an untouched paradise with perfect palm trees on sand spit islands surrounded by perfect turquoise waters.